High School Electives

 Class Piano Boot Camp (limit 14 students per section)Tell your seniors who are planning to be music majors about this class.  One of the UCA piano teachers will teach ‘Introduction to Class Piano” to students (0-1 year piano experience).  Scales, triads, arpeggios, I-IV-V-I  progressions, etc. Great head start to college. Taught in the piano lab.   This summer, expanded sections allow students can take both Piano Boot Camp and Music Technology.

Music Technology Class  (limit 9 students per section)-  A very popular class. Students work with Finale, midi interface, sequencing, and other music software. Taught in the computer lab at SFA.

Theory (expanded to 3 sections)Teach frequently-used musical terms (tempo and stylistic), key signatures, major and minor scales, chords, simple ear-training exercises and intervals, chord progressions, simple dictation. 

College Prep Theory – A GREAT class for seniors who will be freshmen music majors next fall.

Conducting Class -  Basic patterns of 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 6/8, dynamics with the left hand and right hand, cueing, basic marcato and legato styles, dynamics, etc. Suggest bringing recordings for conducting.

Jazz Improv – Focus on the “how to” of basic improvisation and jazz styles.  A “hands on” approach to improvisation and jazz styles. Students bring instruments.

Technique/Scales Class – Brass & woodwind.  Strengthen students’ ability to perform simple to complex rhythms in different meters (i.e. how to count rhythms!!).  Also, students should improve ability to play major & minor scales needed for all-region auditions. A “hands on” approach has worked well in the past.  Teaching tip: Use a rhythm sheet to explain, then perform rhythms, especially dotted rhythms in conjunction with rests. Students bring instruments.

Reed-making class – Double reed players learn the basics of making their own reeds.

Masterclass/Audition Music – Same as Junior High class, but with high school all-region material.  Teachers provide the masterclass materials and all-region music.  Students bring instruments.

Small Ensembles – Homogeneous ensembles - for chamber music experience. Ensembles may perform for each other on Friday, but not required.  Students bring instruments.

Sightreading Class  –  Same as Junior High class but with high school level sight reading music. Students bring instruments.

Drum Set Class – “How to” techniques for the drum set.  Good preparation for all-region jazz auditions. FOR PERCUSSIONISTS ONLY!!

2 Jazz Bands – By audition. Students in jazz band do not take any other electives.

Advanced Jazz Class: For students in a school jazz band with some jazz experience. Strengthen styles, articulations, advanced jazz scales, look at all-region jazz audition material.

Intro to Jazz Class:  Learn to play different jazz styles, different articulations, beginning blues scales, rhythm studies.