Junior High Electives

Olympic Games (now 3 sections, bands 1 – 7 only) – Fun way to learn rhythms/music fundamentals/musical terms through mock Olympic games -  with a gold, silver, and bronze winning teams.  Heather Hinesley, Katy Stoops, Lindsey Leggitt, and their assistants, will run the games. Resource people are Susie Smithey, Lauren Lacy & Meghan Langley

Sightreading Class (bands 1 – 6 only) - A “must” class to learn how to handle sight reading for auditions.  Gives the students a systematic approach from the initial “turning the music over” through mental practice and “airing” the notes to the actual playing.  This class could also include sightreading tips, strategies, priorities, etc. If you have a laptop, you may want to bring some sightreading lines (transposed for C, Bb, F, and Eb instruments) for students to actually sight read.  Students can bring instruments.  For bands 1-6 only.

Masterclass/Performance class for every instrumentAbility grouped by band. This class is a head-start on next year’s all-region material for the more advanced student, and a basic “how to” performance class for younger students: warm-ups, cleaning, care, scales, reading rhythms, etc.  Teachers will provide the music and develop a curriculum appropriate for the level of student you will teach.  Students bring instruments.

Leadership – UCA student workers present different daily activities on being a positive, contributing member of the school band.

Jazz Band – By audition. Students in jazz band do not take electives.  Jazz Bands perform Thursday afternoon at 1:30 pm in Ida Waldran Auditorium.